The « Varnerin Duo » is, first and foremost, a wise mixture of a fond family history, as well as a delicate musical encounter.

Both Stéphanie -soprano- and Mathieu -guitar- have pursued solo musical paths. Yet, they have decided to combine their knowledge, musical taste and technique to serve musical performances of extraordinary quality.

Today they return to the stage to offer a new repertoire, which is particularly dear to them, as it is almost entirely comprised by pieces adapted by Mathieu Varnerin. This new concert revolves around twentieth century French music and three of its more seminal composers: Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré and Reynaldo Hahn.


Stéphanie Varnerin works with Anne Sophie Tanguy and Yves Sotin in Paris, and received her DEM diploma, with outstanding honors, from the CRR of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. She specialized her academic instruction within the context of a cycle for the perfecting of Baroque Music under the instruction of Robin Troman. Likewise, she received a CFEM in Musical Formation.

Stéphanie has also earned several awards, such as the first award to excellence in the Leopoldo Bellan International Singing Competition (Paris); the award to second place in the Ravel-Granados European Competition (Marseille); l’Orphée 2010 from the Lyrical Disc Academy, awarded by Pierre Bergé for the production of The Bald Singer of J.P. Calvin. She was an award recipient of the 2013 Armel Opéra international competition, and was awarded the first place award for the 2014 Frovilleen baroque singing international competition (and people’s award). She has been a part of the Sulmona Ateneo Internazionalle della Lyrica (Italy) for one year, where she worked with Mirella Freni, Gianni Raimondi, Lucinna Serra, Dario Lucantoni and Italo Nuziata. Stéphanie has also participated in several international magisterial classes with prestigious artists, such as Andreas Scholl, Gérard Lesne, Martin Könongsberger, Wieland Kujiken and José Cura. In 2012 she furthered her work in the Ópera study of Geneva, where she performed several functions.

On stage, Stéphanie has played Mrs. Martin in J.P. Calvin’s The Bald Singer during the performance held at the Louis Jouver theater with the Lamoureux Orchestra, led by V. Renaud; She has also played Carolina in Strauss’ The Bat, Messager’s Veronica (lead role) and even Lecoq’s daughter of Mrs. Angot (lead role) in the Aix-les-Bains Festival, directed by B. Conti and Andrei Chevtchouk. She has also played the part of Blanca in Poulenc’s The Strength of the Dialogues of the Carmelites. With the Ópera study of Geneva, she played the part of Livietta in Pergolesi’s Livietta e Tracolo as well as Colette in J.J. Rousseau’s Le Devin, directed by J.M. Curti. Again, in Geneva, she portrayed Mrs. Lambercier and Ms. Goton in the world premiere of J.M. Curti’s opera Tic-Tac Rousseau.

She participated regularly in concerts with the Collegium Orpheus, directed by J.M. Labylle in programs by Vivaldi, Hendel and Mozart, with Les Follies du Tembs, in cantatas or other plays by Bach and Pergolesi directed by Olivier Dejours. Likewise, Stéphanie regularly sings with the Lamoreux Orchestra in concerts containing selections of opera arias.

Stéphanie has been repeatedly invited to festivals such as Volcadiva (Auvergne, France), the Festival of Catalan Countries, the Frisson Baroque (at the Rentilly Castle, with Les Follies du Temps under the direction of O. Dejours), the Froville baroque Festival (with The French Caprice, under the direction of P. Lefèvre), the international organ seminars of Toulon and Var (with organ virtuoso J.C. Gandillet), in Les Petites Nuits des Sceaus (under the direction of P. Lefèvre), the Mosan festival in Belgium (under the direction of J.M. Curti), among others.


Mathieu Varnerin, introduced into the world of music from an early age thanks to his sister, Stéphanie Varnerin, debuts in the study of guitar at a very young age. It is not, however, until he receives his Baccalauréat in Science, when he decided to devote himself entirely to the study of music.

He received his first awards in the Nice conservatory in the guitar class of Tristan Manoukina, where he was awarded the first guitar and chamber music award. Later, upon reception of his Diploma on Musical Studies, he left for Paris to join the guitar class of Judicaël Perroy to perfect his technique. During that time, he met several grand masters of guitar in several courses, magisterial classes and international competitions, such as Roland Dyens, Alberto Pons, Raphaëlla Smith or Fabio Zanon. It was finally in Switzerland, within the guitar class of Dusan Bogdanovic, where he concluded his academic instruction through the reception of a Master’s Degree in specialized interpretation and a second Master’s Degree in Pedagogy. At the same time, he received a certificate for advanced studies in Kodály pedagogy from the Kodály institute of the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest.

To date, his work is divided in solo concerts, orchestra projects for the delivery of concerts, invitations to participate in operas, among which stand the part of soloist guitar chair during the creation of the J.M Curti opera in Geneva, the chamber music for concerts of the Varnerin Duo, as well as teaching the guitar class at the Lausanne Superior Music School and in the Kodály Music School in Geneva.

Of a curious nature, Mathieu enjoys discovering new horizons, which he integrates into his music. For this reason, he has partaken in magisterial classes of ethnomusicology by Simha Arom, of the Jazz improviser Bruce Arnold (professor at New York University), of Indian music at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva and he also plays the lute.